Current Language On Mouse 1.0

Current Language On Mouse 1.0: Shows language(keyboard layout) for current program under mouse cursor. language changes(and you don`t see it because language indicator is so far)? It`s very bad, don`t you think so? So just use CLOM and you will always in sure which language is active at moment. With CLOM you don`t need to look at screen corner to see which language is active. Tray icon allows you control this utility, e.g. enable/disable CLOM at any time you need. All common languages are supported by CLOM. No configuration needed. It`s absolutely

Fix Language.dll error 2.0: Fix language.dll error to protect your PC.
Fix Language.dll error 2.0

Language.dll is a critical window error that results into several problems in the system. It slows the performance of the computer, causes system startup and shut down problems, and may cause severe damage . Outdated system drivers, corrupt window registry and malware infections are some major causes of language.dll error. You can fix language.dll error by repairing system registry. For more information :

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Chat Translator for TradeManager Instantly translate TradeManager text messages to Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.
Chat Translator for TradeManager

languages, translate and sends messages in any foreign language and translate replies from one language into your own language. Key Features: 1. Convert TradeManager messages into more than 20 languages such as English, Chinses, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Dutch when chatting. 2. Send message with real-time translation. 3. Translates replies from one language into your own language. 4. You can conduct instantaneous discussions with business

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Smart Words 1.6.1: The program is the specialized tool allowing to limit a range of studing words
Smart Words 1.6.1

language and to establish conformity between a foreign word and its correct translation. In practice it looks as consecutive display of group of foreign words (English or any others) and the group translations corresponding to them into a native language (terms "native" and "foreign" languages are conditional. "Native" language is understood as that language which is base for the user. Therefore the program allows to simplify studying of words of

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valodas 1.71: Enjoy foreign language learning with free language learning software valodas!
valodas 1.71

language learning with valodas. valodas is a software with a very simple, but well designed user interface that helps you learn a language. Learn various foreign languages English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, whatever language you choose, valodas is the perfect software to get you started. Any language from anywhere in the world can be learned with the valodas language learning software. The learning will be much easier if you have a real interest

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Language Switch - Pan European for Win98,ME Allows you to change system interface language for Win98, WinME (Pan European).
Language Switch - Pan European for Win98,ME

Language Switch allows you to switch system language between all that your system supports. It is written for Windows 95, 98 and ME and for Pan European languages (for Pan European version of Windows). Language Switch Pan European has different issues: - Two releases for next versions: Windows 95 and Windows 98, ME - program`s interface for Windows 95 is a little reduced. Program itself has 3 interface languages : English, French and Russian.

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Comfort Lang Switcher 3.0: Discover how to control the language or layout when you are working with text
Comfort Lang Switcher 3.0

language or layout when you are working with text. With Comfort Lang Switcher, you can: + Switch the language or layout for the recently typed characters. + Switch the language or layout for the selected characters. + Change the case of the selected characters. + Specify any key for switching the layout. + Show the input language flag next to the caret. + Show the input language flag in the system tray (next to the clock). Comfort Lang Switcher will

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